How to Apply Your Vinyl Decal

Your Vinyl Decal is sandwiched between 2 layers. The top layer is the Application Tape. The bottom layer is the Backing Paper. The Decal is best applied to glossy, non-porous surfaces. We do not warranty any Decals we do not install.

  1. Clean and de-grease the surface where the Decal is to be applied. Isopropyl or denatured alcohol works best for this. Do not use any product that contains ammonia as this will weaken the adhesive.
  2. Determine exactly where you want to position the Decal. This must be given some thought and attention because the Decal can't be easily repositioned once it adheres to the surface.
  3. Slowly remove the Backing Paper from the Decal. This will expose the adhesive side of the Decal.
  4. The adhesive is very sticky so extra care must be used that the Decal does not touch any unintended surfaces or fold back on itself.
  5. OPTIONAL STEP TO ALLOW ADDITIONAL APPLICATION TIME: Spritz a fine layer of water on the back of the Decal.
  6. Holding both ends of the Application Tape, gently place Decal on the surface.
  7. Apply pressure to the Application Tape using a plastic squeegee tool (free with Decal purchase). Rub from the middle up and then from the middle down. Rub from the middle outward to the sides. (Extra passes with the squeegee may be needed for this step if you used water. The water must be completely pushed out from under the Decal for the Decal to fully adhere to the surface.)
  8. Slowly peel off the Application Tape. (If, at anytime, the Decal comes up with the Application Tape and does not adhere, lay the Tape back down and squeegee some more.)

Congratulations! You're done!

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